With fewer shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas, how will it impact North Texas shoppers?

This Black Friday, you have six fewer days until Christmas to get all of your shopping done.

The last time Thanksgiving fell this late in the year was 2013.

Retailers are now working to make up for lost time.

With one less Saturday between Black Friday and Christmas, Galleria Dallas has less time to draw in the masses who want to get a glimpse of Santa on skates, and then happen to see deals they can't miss.

“It is definitely one of the experiences that brings people out,” Galleria Dallas GM Angie Freed said. “We are keenly aware to compete with online, we have to offer an experience that is different from what they can get online.”

Kohl's department store during the holiday season shopping. (Photo by James Leynse/Corbis via Getty Images)

Freed said they considered starting the show one week early, to keep the five Saturdays, but they decided against it, since seeing the first show on Black Friday is a tradition for so many families.

“We didn't want them to feel like they missed the history of seeing the first official tree lighting,” she explained.

Freed added that she doesn't think the fewer shopping days will hurt retailer's bottom lines.

“Six fewer shopping days would have an impact if people hadn't started earlier in November. We found people were starting their shopping first week of November,” Freed said.

SMU economist Mike Davis said retailers no longer wait until Black Friday to offer big discounts.

“Retailers are much more strategic than they were 25-30 years ago,” he said. “They know they need to be online. Shoppers have lots of opportunities and the buying season goes around all year.”

Laura Stever said she shops online and at brick and motor stores because it's a way to spend time with family.

“Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch doing my online shopping. Today, I like the atmosphere. The decorations, gets me in the spirit for Christmas,” she said.

Some shoppers, like Stever and her three daughters, hadn't yet noticed that Christmas is already just 26 days away.

“I don't think it will impact my spending. It will make me have more of a crunch time to get the presents wrapped and under the tree, but it won't impact my spending,” Stever added.