Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets will return to menu thanks to tweet from Chance the Rapper

Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets are coming back and it’s all thanks to a tweet from Chance the Rapper.

Chance tweeted Saturday about positive affirmations, saying “Wendy’s WILL bring back spicy nuggets at some point please please Lord let it be today.”



The restaurant chain at first tweeted back with, “It won’t be today, but there’s always a chance.” Then it later retweeted Chance and said if their tweet reached 2 million likes the nuggets would come back.



In a little more than 24 hours, the tweeted reached over 2 million likes and Wendy’s announced Sunday that the popular nuggets will be coming back.

“THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Spicy chicken nuggets are coming back! Y’all are crazy! That took like a day and a half! WHAT?!” the tweet said, in part.



Wendy’s said it didn’t know when exactly the beloved nuggets would come back, but that it would be soon.

Chance tweeted back at Wendy’s and used #WendysSpicyNuggets to show off one of his new songs that will be featured on an album set to come out in July.