Well-known attorney representing immigrant mothers at border

A prominent attorney famous for representing Stormy Daniels is now also representing some of the mothers separated from their children at the border.

Attorney Michael Avenatti stopped in North Texas late Wednesday night as he works to locate those children.

Avenatti said many of the mothers he represents are from Central America seeking political asylum. He said many don’t know where their children are and fear they will be deported without them.

Overnight he shared a picture of one mother with her daughter along with a letter the woman wrote to her child. He said the woman is in custody and about to be deported without her daughter.

He also posted a picture of the form the mother filled out to get information about her daughter. The response she got from officials reads, “I do not have this information.”

Avenatti stopped at DFW Airport on his way to Phoenix where he is visiting the children of some of the mothers he represents. He plans to deliver letters.

“We’re in the process of trying to locate a lot of these children first and then I think it’s going to be very complicated to reunite a lot of these mothers with their children. And I think a lot of these families are going to be permanently destroyed, unfortunately,” he said.

Earlier Wednesday, Avenatti shared pictures of seven boys wearing identical clothes waiting for an American Airlines flight from McAllen near the border to DFW.

“Sending children a thousand miles away from their parents is a disgrace,” he wrote.

American Airlines said the boys in the picture were not going to a detention facility. They were in the process of being reunited with their parents.

The airline has asked the federal government not to use its planes to separate families.