Watch: Here’s what happens when you press the red button in this gas station bathroom

Bet she wasn’t expecting that. 

A woman taking a road trip took a pit stop at a gas station in northern Kentucky and what should have been a relatively normal bathroom break turned into a much more memorable event. 

A video posted to TikTok by user @_ scorpiobarbie_ showed the interior of what appeared to be an ordinary public restroom, but one thing stuck out and that was a red button on the wall which had a sign that read: "DO NOT PUSH THIS RED BUTTON." Also, there was a giant disco ball on the ceiling. 


Still image taken from video of a woman inside of a disco bathroom in northern Kentucky.  (

Naturally, and out of curiosity, the woman recording the video pushed the button, and suddenly, the lights turned off and the disco ball began to spin as colorful lights danced across it and the wall of the restroom. Not only that, but overhead, the song "Dancing Queen" by ABBA began to play. 


Still image taken from video showing a woman in a gas station restroom with disco lights and music.

Unbeknownst to the woman, she was inside of a HOP Shops restroom. HOP Shops is a convenience store chain that apparently is known for their "bathroom discos," according to local reports.  

"I didn’t pay attention to the name of [the gas station], and I had walked in with my head down, looking at my phone," the woman in the video said. "While washing my hands, I noticed a frog and a red button next to me, so I pushed it." 

The idea behind the bathroom discos was created by the company’s vice president of retail and marketing, Damon Bail, according to FOX 56 News. 

So far, there are six disco bathrooms at HOPS Shops locations in northern Kentucky and one in Maineville, Ohio. 

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.