Caught on camera: Delaware County pizza delivery man trips suspect being chased by police

A doorbell camera caught video of the ending of a law enforcement chase in which a Delaware County pizza delivery man played an important part. 

Video shows the moment Tyler Morrell, a Cocco's Pizzeria delivery man, jumped into action, tripping a suspect who was running from police on the Brookhaven Street where he was delivering a pie on Sunday around 3 p.m.  

The homeowner who ordered the pizza to the Brookhaven home shared the Ring camera video with FOX 29. 

The video shows police cruisers stopping on the street to pursue a suspect who gets out of a vehicle to flee on foot when Morrell sticks out his foot to trip the suspect. 

The suspect hit the ground and officers with the Brookhaven Police Department made the arrest. 


In a post on their Facebook page, the department showed gratitude to Morrell, saying, "Thank you, Sir, for the assist. If you're interested in a job, we are always looking for good people." 

Morrell joined FOX 29’s Jason Martinez and Shiba Russell during the 10 O’Clock News to discuss his quick actions to help police. 

When asked about his courage to step up and help, Morell said it's how he was raised. 

"Honestly I didn’t really think about doing anything, but stepping in. I was raised to step in if you see something that’s not right. So, I just wanted to do my part," he said. 

"And, like a good pizza delivery driver, you held on to the pepperoni pizza, and you did what you needed to do," Martinez added.

"I did as much as I could to prevent the cheese from sliding," Morrell added.