Trauma patients, doctors, first responders reunite

People who have survived traumatic life threatening injuries were reunited with the health care workers who fought to save them at Baylor Hospital on Friday.

The reunion brought doctors, nurses, first responders, even therapy dogs back together with the patients they all worked to save. More than fifty people returned for the reunion.

Coaching legend Mark Bachtel was on the sidelines of a high school football game when the play came his way and he was rolled up.

“You just see things from a whole different perspective,” Bachtel said.

It can happen at any age. Fernando Barajas' daughter Jasmine was just beginning her own life three years ago when she was in a serious accident.

“She was literally decapitated. Her neck is fused -- she has it fused back here in the back,” said Barajas. “They told us twice that she wasn't gonna be able to survive, you know, but God is good. I put her in His hands. She’s been through a lot -- wasn't able to walk, wasn't able to see, she’s a miracle child.”

Sarah Milburn was a passenger in an Uber when the driver ran a light and she was left quadriplegic. Milburn is a college athlete who's pressed through therapy with the help of the staff at Baylor.

The doctors say seeing improvement is what makes their work worth it.

 “I am humbled to be able to do what I do and I really enjoy it and I love my job,” said Dr. Randi Dubiel.