Trackdown: Help find person who shot at Oak Cliff home more than 30 times

In this week’s Trackdown, police are looking for the person who fired more than 30 shots into an Oak Cliff home.

They used a rifle that Dallas PD Det. Alexander Zabriskie has linked to at least three other shootings.

This happened at about 10 a.m. back on June 28, in the 800 block of Lambert Street, in the Cedar Crest neighborhood in Oak Cliff.

"A white Nissan drove down this street, made a U-turn over here, they came back out, they stopped in the middle of the road, passenger gets out with a rifle, and fires about 30 shots into the house over there," Det. Zabriskie said.

Police said there were seven people in the home, including young children.

"Luckily, nobody was hurt in this incident," the detective said. "Broad daylight, they shot up the house."

The detective said they do have a description of the shooter who got out of the white Altima or Maxima.

"We know that the suspect is a, appears to be a thin black male, but he's wearing a ski mask so you can't see his face too well," Det. Zabriskie said. "He's got a distinct design on the hoodie he looks like he's wearing, so hopefully someone can recognize that and help us out."

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Investigators believe the shooter targeted the wrong house.

"There's no reason this house was shot. None of the kids were involved in anything, they're all young children, and their parents are not involved in anything. It looks like the wrong house," Det. Zabriskie said.

And the shell casings found on scene are also linked to three other shootings.

"We were able to analyze the shell casings. They were used in three other offenses over the past previous month," Det. Zabriskie said. "They were involved in at least four incidents with this gun."

Police are hoping anyone with information about this shooting will call Det. Zabriskie at 469-849-3760 or email