Trackdown: Help find Eduardo Orellana's killers

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Dallas police want to get a group of robbers off the streets that had killed at least once already.

Police say a gang of four is targeting Hispanic men and women to rob.

In one attempted robbery, they didn't get one dime but took a life that was so valuable to his wife and several kids.

Detective Scott Sayers is investigating the homicide that happened at 3333 Webb Chapel Extension on September 19 around 10:30 p.m. The victim was Eduardo Orellana.

“These individuals who I believe are involved do not live in this area,” Sayers said. “I have reason to believe that they came here specifically to rob Hispanic individuals.”

A video shows a man looking for someone to rob. He then spotted the camera but also apparently spotted Orellana who went out to get something from his SUV. The man then went to get his goons.

“So then all four of them come walking by the camera. The first one has got a hat. You'll notice when he walks up, he kind of pulls something out of his waist I believe to be a gun,” Sayers explained. “He's got a camouflage hat. He's got a mask up. The second individual is the first guy that came by to check things out. He now has his hoodie up, and he's got his head down. The third guy has got a hoodie up, and he's got it closed up so you can’t see his face very good. And the last guy comes by the camera covering his face. So they know they're on video, and they still come over here and try to rob this individual.”

Eduardo Orellana worked two jobs to support his wife and young kids.

“There was some blood right here on the corner of his car where I think he collapsed,” Sayers said. “He got back up. We basically were able to follow his blood trail all the way to where he ended up dying.”

Police recovered the shell casing from the bullet that ripped Mr. Orellana away from his family.

“So the shell casing that we recovered on this offense on the nineteenth matched an offense that happened on the eighteenth down in West Dallas,” the detective said.

Sayers knows the guys are pulling capers. He just needs to know their names and who is this boy who looks right at the camera.

“People who see this video know who these four guys are,” Sayers said. “And you know how they know? Because they’ve been talking about it with their friends in the street.”

The detective needs the street to speak.

“Once they shot him, my victim ran through the apartment complex and the suspects ran away,” Sayers said. “He died on his doorstep, and his kids found him.”

Anyone with information is urged to call or text Detective Sayers at (214) 283-4849. A reward is being offered.