Trackdown: Help find Dylan Spaid's killer

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Police need help to track down the person who shot and killed a man in Arlington one year ago during a road rage shooting.

A black BMW is the car driven by a person who shot and killed Dylan Spaid on June 26, 2017. Police hope the public can help track down the killer.

“Unfortunately, we got a great glimpse of the car but we can’t read the plates,” said Detective Steve Griesbach. “We sent that video off to the secret service. We tried everything to try to enhance it.”

A memorial now stands where Spaid's truck stopped after he was shot along Interstate 20 in Arlington in June 2017. His girlfriend, Kristina Huggins, was with him when it happened.

“I can’t drive on this freeway at all, even if my friends drive. I’m too scared,” she said. “I can’t look at any car because every day I think somebody’s gonna pull a gun on me.”

Spaid and Huggins were driving east on I-20 when the shot was fired. But the incident began as both vehicles traveled Cooper Street. The suspect car was a black BMW.

“The victim was in the inside lane traveling on Cooper Street. What I believe is gonna be the suspect was in the middle lane. In order for the Dylan to take that loop, he had to cross two lanes to get to the outside lane,” explained Griesbach. “So I feel like there was an incident there that occurred which continued on the loop around, obviously ending with the shot there as they were getting on Interstate-20.”

The head wound Spaid received was too catastrophic to overcome. The only clue is the images of the black BMW. Police believe it’s a 2013-2017 five series four-door model BMW.

“It’s a M-style, but It’s not the M class,” the detective said. “So it had the M-style wheels, but it’s not the souped up BMW.”

“It was a guy and a woman. I know that for a fact,” Huggins said. “I know that they were black.”

“We're hoping now with your help of getting this back into the news that somebody that they have told about this incident will come forward and let the police department know so we can investigate this and get this case solved for Dylan and for his family,” Griesbach said.

“We lost somebody special who was a great kid, a great son, a hard worker and a great boyfriend,” Huggins said.

Anyone who has information on the road rime crime is urged to call the Arlington Police Department at (817) 459-5325.