Texas House unveils sweeping school finance overhaul

(Associated Press)

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Top House leaders have unveiled a bipartisan bill pumping $1.6 billion extra into Texas classrooms as part of an ambitious plan overhauling how Texas pays for public education.

Sponsored by Houston Republican Rep. Dan Huberty, the bill increases per-student funding by around $200 to $5,350, while adding funding for transportation and students with dyslexia.

It will be heard in Huberty's powerful Public Education Committee on Tuesday. Last summer, the Texas Supreme Court declared the school finance system barely constitutional.

The Texas Senate has expressed little interest in school finance reforms not mandated in court. Senators have instead backed a voucher plan offering public funding to students attending private schools.

Huberty says vouchers won't pass the House. That could ultimately mean neither proposal, Senate vouchers nor House school finance, becomes law.