Tanker overturns in chain-reaction crash on LBJ

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Hazmat crews are working to pump fuel out a tanker that rolled over during a chain reaction crash in northeast Dallas Friday morning.

It happened around midnight in the westbound lane of the LBJ Freeway between Forest Lane and Abrams Road.

At least seven vehicles were involved. Police said one vehicle crashed. Then the driver of a tanker truck tried to avoid the crash and ended up rolling over.

“We were headed home from Forney when we saw an accident and we tried to slow down so we didn’t it and somebody else pushed us right into it,” said Munique Robinson-Catanzaro.

She said Dallas firefighters were kind enough to let her young children sit in their firetruck after the crash so they’d be distracted and out of harm’s way.

“I was sitting on a fire truck. It was so fun and I was about to go home and I saw an accident,” Robinson-Catanzaro’s 5-year-old daughter said.

One person was taken to the hospital in an unknown condition.

Hazmat crews are still working to safely remove the flammable fuel inside the tanker truck so that it can be moved. The cleanup could last into rush hour.