Groups headed to southern border in Texas for what organizers say will be peaceful protests

A House committee approved articles of impeachment against the Homeland Security secretary over his handling of the southern border.

Meanwhile, a convoy of vehicles is headed to locations near the border this weekend for what organizers call peaceful protests.

Some critics are raising alarms about vigilantes and militias operating in the area around Eagle Pass, where state-installed razor wire, National Guard, and DPS stand guard.

Local officials say the state of Texas’ tactics appear to be working.

"The numbers have been low. People have been crossing in the 150 to 200 range, which is a huge difference than two to three thousand daily, so, it’s been better," Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas said.

It’s as a convoy of vehicles calling itself "Take Our Border Back" heads to locations near the border this weekend to protest the Biden Administration’s handling of the crisis.


Texas-bound 'Take Our Border Back' convoy to 'shed light' on migrant crisis, 'send a message' to leaders

The multi-state convoy is set to begin on Feb. 3 and will branch off and hold rallies in Arizona, California and Texas, according to a news release.

Organizers of the group nicknamed "God’s Army" say it will be peaceful.

The effort is garnering support from Republican members of congress.

"This should be a peaceful movement by the American people joined by other nations if they want to come," said U.S. Rep. Keith Self/(R) Texas.

The widening rift between Texas and the federal government over border security has ramped up support from fellow states and citizens.

An Arizona militia group told FOX News Channel how it’s already been driving migrants back.

"They will either head back for the border or start pushing them back, basically by moving further and further south," said Tim Foley, with Arizona Border Recon.

Wednesday, the Texas Senate Hispanic Caucus said in a statement: "vigilante efforts are seeking to join Texas guard members and law enforcement, in an attempt to further militarize our border."


House Republicans take party-line vote toward Mayorkas impeachment with border becoming 2024 campaign issue

The Homeland Security Committee voted after midnight Wednesday to recommend the two articles of impeachment to the full House. But Alejandro Mayorkas argues the GOP should instead be working with the Biden administration on U.S.-Mexico border issues.

Meanwhile, Republican efforts to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas took a step forward with a House committee recommending two articles of impeachment.

A full House vote could come as soon as next week.

"He's doing the best with the tools he's been given. The Republicans will not give him money to do his job," said U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee/(R) Texas.

"He has presided over and helped usher in the largest illegal immigration catastrophe," said House Speaker Mike Johnson/(R) Louisiana.