Suspect killed by DPD after domestic disturbance

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A man was shot and killed by a Dallas police officer after a domestic disturbance Monday afternoon.

Police responded to an active shooter call in the 10700 block of Eastham Drive just before 5 p.m. The caller told dispatch that a known suspect fired several shots into their home.

Officers went to the suspect’s nearby home and could hear a disturbance through the door involving a woman and a crying infant. Police say he threatened to kill the woman and her infant son.

When an officer told him to come to the door, he appeared at the entrance armed with a gun and was shot by police.

The man was taken to a hospital where he later died. Police have only identified him as a 28-year-old white male.

The woman in the home was also taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The infant was also taken to the hospital as a precaution but was not injured.