Substitute teacher puts duct tape over mouths of students

A substitute teacher was removed from a classroom after she put duct tape over the mouths of students. 

According to the Killeen Independent School District, the incident occurred in a fifth-grade classroom at Maxdale Elementary School on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017 with thirteen students. 

The substitute teacher put duct tape over the mouths of ten of the thirteen students. 

Three other students put duct tape over their own mouths as a result of the teacher's actions. 

When other school officials realized what had happened, the substitute teacher was removed from the classroom and barred from the campus. All thirteen students were taken to the school nurse for observation and determined to be well enough to continue with their classes. 

Parents of the students have been notified by the principal of this incident. 

The Maxwell Elementary School and Killeen Independent School District released a statement that they are 'deeply saddened by this event.' The statement went on to say that Child Protective Services has been notified and that the school district will work closely in support of any additional investigation by law enforcement.