Students mourn Garland ISD fifth grader's death

Students at Garland ISD’s Hickman Elementary held a celebration for a fellow classmate who died last month.

Beautiful Jones died on February 27. On Friday, students wanted to make sure the garland fifth grader's legacy is always remembered.

Wearing pink and wiping away tears, students and faculty at Hickman Elementary celebrated the life of 10-year-old Beautiful Jones.

"I feel blessed to have been Beautiful’s teacher,” said Esther Flores. “When I think of her, I think of how easy it was to make her smile"

With few details, police say Beautiful was accidentally shot inside her home.

"Immediately, of course, there was sadness followed by ‘How can we celebrate her life,’” said Principal Disa McEwen.

The idea students and staff had to remember the fifth grader and her friendly smile was a buddy bench, a place where you can come sit if you want to meet a friend or be one.

"She was just our best friend,” said student Deaija White. “And me and three other girls we were like always hanging out. Anytime we would have free time anytime to hang out, we would always be together."

"She knew when to be funny, and she knew when to pay attention,” Flores said. “So she was a great student."

Police say no one is facing charges for the 10-year-old's death.