California man allegedly stung in testicles by scorpion at popular Las Vegas Strip resort

A California man said he's considering legal action after he was allegedly stung in his testicles by a scorpion while staying at a resort on the Las Vegas Strip over the holidays.

Michael Farchi of Agoura Hills woke up in excruciating pain during his stay on Dec. 26 at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, according to reports.

Upon searching the area in question, Farchi allegedly found a scorpion "hanging" on his underwear, reports said.

Farchi and his family reportedly cut their trip short and checked out of the hotel a day early after the incident.


In a report filed with the luxury Strip property, Farchi detailed the specifics of the incident. The report indicated that Farchi was "bitten by a scorpion" on his groin area around 8 a.m., and noted that Farchi blamed The Venetian for the incident. Farchi alleged in the report that the scorpion was "in the bed" while he was sleeping.

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The scorpion allegedly stung the guest during his sleep. 

When FOX 11 reached out to The Venetian for comment, they shared the following statement: 

"To preserve the privacy of our guests, we’re unable to comment on this incident. The resort has protocols for all incidents and we can confirm they were followed in this incident."

Last month, The Venetian also made headlines when it was identified as one of the four hotels on the Strip where guests discovered bed bugs, the Southern Nevada Health Department (SNHD) confirmed.

Farchi sought medical attention following the incident and was formally diagnosed with a scorpion sting.

According to reports, The Venetian is continuing to look into this incident.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.