Rowlett family donates nearly 400 coats for kids

A Rowlett family just collected and dropped off almost 400 coats for kids.

Tiffany Jenkins started donating toys and diapers to the Hope Supply Company 10 years ago. But then someone said something that changed everything for her.

“Kids can understand going without things to play with or gifts but they can never understand why they are cold,” she said. “You think, ‘What can I do? I’m only one person.’ But you don’t understand that one jacket changes everything for a child. And one can change lives.”

Tiffany Jenkins and her family donate coats that they have collected to Hope Supply Co.

That first year, Jenkins’ goal was to donate 10 coats. It grew to 30, 40 and then 50.

She said many people now donate money to her and she buys the coats.

Donations can also be dropped off at Hope Supply Company or purchased through an Amazon Wishlist.

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