6 Rockwall ISD kindergarteners sexually assaulted by 6th grade boy during 'unauthorized program', lawsuit says

A new lawsuit claims that at least 6 kindergarten students in Rockwall ISD were sexually assaulted by a 6th grade boy in their elementary school classroom.

The lawsuit says that the girls' school implemented an "unauthorized program" which allowed older students to work with the kindergartners and that gave the boy access to the young students.

During the 2021-2022 school year, some Cain Middle School students were bussed from Amy Parks-Health Elementary to Cain and then back again, according to the lawsuit.

Lindy Lewis, the principal of Amy Parks-Health Elementary, allowed the 6th graders into kindergarten classrooms to help the young students with reading or math.

The lawsuit filed by the families of the victims names the school district, Lewis, the girls' former teacher and the parents of the boy.

The parents say they had no knowledge that the program that allowed older students in the classroom was in place.

They argue that the district broke Texas Association of School Boards rules, which the district has posted on its website, which require mentors to go through a background check or get consent from both the student and mentors' parents.


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The lawsuit also says that after learning about the alleged assaults, and the 6th grade student admitting to his actions, that Rockwall ISD allowed the student to ride home on the bus with some of the victims he admitted to assaulting.

The parents also argue that the district did not do more to find if there were any other victims and tied to cover up the incidents.

The families in the lawsuit want a jury trial.

The 6th grader was prosecuted by the Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney's Office, according to lawyers for the victims' parents.

Rockwall ISD has not publicly commented on the allegations.