Rain impacts homecoming week at area high schools

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The rain this week has had an impact on homecoming at several area high schools. Southlake Carroll is among them.

The school made some contingency plans for rain weather Friday night after it forced the cancelation of their parade earlier this week.

The players don't mind the rain. Neither does the band. But the pre-game and halftime honorees would have had to stand there in the pouring rain trying to look happy. So the district video department had a better idea.

As a camera rolled, everyone involved in the pre-game homecoming presentations smiled and waved just like they would if it were the real thing.

"It seems like a very Texas thing to have to prepare for because we always have very unpredictable kind of weather,” said Vishnu Nair, the homecoming king.

The recording was a weather insurance policy. If it rains or the game was delayed, no one had to stand in it. Instead, they just played the video.

“Rain or shine, we'll figure it out,” said Molly McKinnon, the homecoming queen.

And sure enough, it was pouring rain for the pre-game.

Carroll Senior High School already got burned by the weather once this week. On Wednesday, the school had an outdoor carnival and parade planned for Homecoming. But because of rain, the carnival was moved indoors and the parade was canceled.

The parents of Addisyn Green didn't mind the waving and smiling. It kept them dry. She was recognized for a scholarship.

“Well, it's crazy. It's kind of unprecedented, I think,” said Tina Green. “But it’s good. We needed the rain. We've had enough, now. I think we can stop, but it's great."