Police searching for Dallas road rage suspect who shot at SUV

An enraged driver opened fire on another driver in Dallas during Wednesday night's rush-hour.

The driver was on 635 heading south on I-35 E when he says another driver cut him off. And over a couple of miles, things obviously escalated.

Daniel Rodriguez is sharing what happened to him with hopes someone might have seen what happened and maybe seen a license plate or recorded video. He is worried that whoever fired shots at him is still out there and could do it again.

The rush home from work is a time tempers on North Texas roads tend to flare. The degree to which it happened during Rodriguez's drive home from work Wednesday has left him stunned.

“I realized after it was done what he had just done,” he said.

Rodriguez first saw the other driver as he traveled from 635 East onto 35 South around 6 p.m.

“He attempted to cut me off,” he recalled. “Since he was not able to, he came very close to my vehicle changing lanes. Very close to the point I was able to reach my hand out if I wanted to and touch at that point. I did honk my horn.”

Rodriguez says over the next several miles in heavy traffic, he couldn't put much distance between him and the other driver.

“There was a time I was in the left lane that he tried to swipe me into the wall to get, I guess, to damage my vehicle,” he said.

Rodriguez says the driver flipped him off, and he returned the favor. That's when things escalated.

Rodriguez heard three shots near the Empire Central exit and saw the car pull off there. He called police a short time later, who came out to examine the bullet holes in his car. He says they told him it was either from a "high-power rifle or handgun."

“One of the bullets actually entered and is still lodged in the backseat of my car,” he said. “And the officer did make a statement that if my backseat was down, that bullet would have hit me.”

Rodriguez is uninjured. The car repairs are not an issue. His only hope now is that whoever did it doesn't also do it to someone else.

“I got home safe. Safe and healthy. At the end of the day when I laid my head to rest, I kept thinking there's somebody still out there that's holding a high-powered weapon and is willing to shoot at somebody for honking their horn,” he said. “I just wanted to get them off the road. That's it. And if we can do that, I'm happy.”

Rodriguez says the other vehicle had two people inside. He says it’s a black Toyota 4Runner likely years between 2008 and 2010. He says the unique part is it had a snorkel, custom luggage rack and side rails.

Rodriguez is hopeful someone might have been on this stretch of road around that time and saw something.