ONLY ON FOX: Coyote snatches family dog

It’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare -- their Pomeranian mix snatched in the darkness by a coyote.

“It was so sudden so quick, I would say probably like 30 to 40 feet away from me, I could clearly see the animal and it was very scary,” said Elba Donato of Lake Mary.

Donato says she was taking out her family dogs, their precious Pomeranian pooch, Foxy, along with their other dog around 5:30 Tuesday morning right in the front lawn of their Lake Mary home in the Magnolia Plantation subdivision. 

Suddenly she says a coyote came out of her next door neighbor’s bushes and snatched little Foxy -- the family hasn’t seen her since.

“ This a very difficult thing for our family to do because our pet was 14 years old,  she was a rescue pet, and she’s been a member of the family for that long time,” Donato said.

A report was filed with Florida Fish& Wildlife who sent out an officer to search the area but nothing was found -- they gave the  family information about coyotes and said they would also educate the community about how to protect pets.

“Nobody knew that we had coyotes in the neighborhood,” Donato said.

Meanwhile the family just wants to spread the word about what happened to little Foxy,  so other families  are forewarned.

“I wouldn’t want anybody to be in  danger or their pets, so that’s why we’re doing this,” Donato said.