On Your Side: DART won't replace lost annual passes

Often times there is a story behind the story we show you on TV. 

Tonight we looked at a no-replacement policy for annual transit passes if they are lost or stolen. The subject of our story shelled out nearly $1,000 for his annual DART pass and when it went missing he was told it can’t be replaced and his money can’t be refunded. 

DART officials went on to say the policy is in line with other transit agencies in North Texas. 

We were able to quickly confirm that information with Denton Transit, but when it came to Trinity Metro in Fort Worth we got conflicting information. 

We called customer service and stopped in at their service centers no less than 10 times and each time were told the passes can be replaced for a $10 fee.  

In search of an “official” answer, we reached out to the two media spokespeople for Trinity Metro but they would not commit to a phone call which would allow us to explain the conflicting information we were getting.     

We tried, by text message, to set up a phone call for a week. They wouldn’t. So we showed up at their office and, despite running into them, were told, “Sorry, they’re not here.”

Your taxpayer dollars fund Trinity Metro, so we’re sharing our experience with you.