North Texans prepare for possible flooding

Residents in the parts of North Texas that have flooded over the past few weeks are doing what they can to prepare for a flash flood watch.

In the neighborhood around Dogwood Court in Wylie, residents are preparing for another round of storms in the forecast.

Homeowner David Shaw said last week when it rained, all of the water pushed down from the street on a slope and into the neighborhood. He had several inches of water on the side of his home.

Shaw’s neighbors came over with buckets to help when his home flooded earlier last week and spent most of Thursday building a moat around his home. They also put down topsoil bags wrapped in plastic to try to slow the water from seeing in this time.

“I’ve invested in 40 so far. I gotta get some more water liner and another 40 bags. I just don’t see how I can stop it but if I can try to minimize the damage and not see 80% of my house in water again, I’ll do whatever I can to protect my home,” he said.

Cellphone video shot by a neighbor shows just how much water was flowing through the street.

Wylie leaders said the city did get an uncharacteristically large amount of rain. They are still investigating to see if anything can be done to prevent future flooding.

Shaw said he’s not taking any chances. He’s already boarded up his garage and put duct tape on his office doors to make sure no water gets in this time.