New Fort Worth police chief looks at review board as an opportunity for improvement

After serving as interim chief for a little over six months, Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus accepted the permanent title in early December.

In the eight months since he’s led the department, Kraus has made headlines several times. Critics wanted Kraus and other city leaders removed as a string of back-to-back officer-involved shootings plagued the city a month after he took charge.

Because of those shootings, an independent review board was hired to evaluate the department’s procedures.

Others see Kraus as a welcoming leader who has the best intentions for Fort Worth’s citizens. Last year, he put himself on the street and chased down a man who ran from a crash near Interstate 20. The 52-year-old chief climbed over a fence and captured the suspect.

Chief Kraus joined Good Day Wednesday morning to talk about his efforts to rebuild trust with the city’s residents. The Fort Worth Police Department, like many others across the country, are now being scrutinized by police monitoring and oversight boards.

“Personally I don’t necessarily have an issue with the policy review group that has come on. It’s looking at our policies and our training and our practices because I think that’s an opportunity for us to improve and be a thought leader in law enforcement throughout the United States,” he said.

Kraus started out as a patrol officer in 1992. Over the years he’s filled just about every role in the department.

“I think that’s a real benefit that I’ve had that experience. It’s all prepared me for this whether I knew it was preparing me for it at the time or not,” he said.