N. Tx high school football team rallies around the competition

Some of the best moments come out under the Friday night lights. That was the case in Dallas this Friday when Midlothian Heritage High School played LG Pinkston High School.

Heritage has an expensive H the players run out of at the beginning of the game and at halftime. It even has smoke.

Not only does LG Pinkston not have any kind of blow up tunnel, they also had a smaller fan presence at the game and were losing 50 to 6 at halftime.

That's when Midlothian head coach Lee Wiginton had the idea to invite the LG Pinkston team to huddle and run out with his own team after halftime in a show of support, solidarity and camaraderie.

Players we talked to say it's one of the coolest experiences they've had as student-athletes, saying it felt good to not view each other as competitors, but brothers in a sport they love.

"After we all came out, I told one of our teammates that we're going to remember that for the rest of our lives, just like they are. Because, honestly, that was the best high school football experience I've ever had," said Jack Freeman, a Midlothian High School football player.

The Midlothian players said they have a lot of respect for LG Pinkston players for having great attitudes, even though they were suffering a big loss.

And they said they are aware of the advantages they have living in Midlothian, affording them things like the big blow up H they run out of. They said they are glad they got to share the experience with other players.