Monet's iconic 'Poppy Field' vandalized by climate activist at Orsay Museum in Paris

An iconic Claude Monet painting at the Orsay Museum was vandalized after a climate activist stuck a poster over it in Paris, France on Saturday.

The protester, who was arrested, was from the French environmental activist group Riposte Alimentaire. She targeted Monet’s Les Coquelicots, also known as ‘Poppy Field’, by attaching a red poster to the painting and then gluing herself to the wall.

The painting was completed in 1873 and shows people with umbrellas strolling in a blooming poppy field.

Protesters said their actions is supposed to show what the field would look like in 2100 if more action isn’t taken against climate change.

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.