Mom of Arlington teens arrested meets police chief

An Arlington mother and her attorney met with the chief of police Friday about the arrests of her two teenage sons and her claims of mistreatment by a police officer.

The woman recorded her confrontation with the officer as he was arresting her 14-year-old son during a car burglary investigation. A few minutes later, her 16-year-old son was arrested as well.

Latasha Nelson went in with her attorney to meet with Chief Will Johnson on Friday afternoon. She arrived at Arlington Police HQ with her family, including the two sons who were arrested and members of a Dallas activist group.

The mother said after the meeting she is surprised that charges are still pending against her two sons -- burglary of a vehicle for the 14-year-old and interfering with an investigation and now possible assault on the officer for the 16-year-old.

"He did not assault him he was trying to calm me down because they were driving off with my son, I begged the officer as you can see at least let me know, the office came back up to me while my son was in front of me and grabbed my son and threw him on the ground,” Nelson said.

The confrontation escalated when, based on what you see in the video, Officer Chad Haning refuses to tell Nelson where her 14-year-old son was being taken. The confrontation becomes even more heated as the officer calls in to report people are interfering with his investigation and calls for back up.

As the officer and Nelson are arguing, something caused him to take down the woman's 16-year-old son. The officer's attorney said the teen made physical contact with the officer -- something not seen in the video.

"Making contact in an aggressive, hostile manner with this officer while he was conducting an investigation, phrase I heard was chest bump, in any event he did make aggressive contact with this officer which is against the law,” said attorney Randall Moore.

Nelson said all she ever wanted was to know where her 14-year-old son was being taken. The officer's attorney says he doesn't think not telling the mother was a violation, but rather something that should have been done.

The officer remains on duty and the case is the subject of an internal affairs investigation.

The family's attorney says they received an eviction notice on Thursday for being involved in alleged criminal activity.