Local pantry running low on supplies because of Harvey

Resources at a local food pantry are getting thin as they try to help people in North Texas and those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Volunteers from Minnie’s Food Pantry made several trips to Houston to deliver supplies. Now the pantry is now running low.

“We just made a commitment that we would come out and really just provide whatever we could. So clothes, food, water, anything and everything that anyone could give is what we really wanted to bring,” said Risa Saavedra, who brought donations from California.

“This right here in Houston, Texas is like a T-bone steak right now, T-bone steak. People receive these and they pop the can. They start eating it and they're crying over it,” said Cheryl Jackson with Minnie’s Food Pantry.

The Plano pantry said it is distributing supplies as quickly as possible to as many people as possible.

LINK: minniesfoodpantry.org