North Texas firefighter battling Stage IV cancer gets support from community

A Somervell County firefighter and father of two is battling against Stage IV cancer.

Kaine Popejoy's family is asking for help and prayers as the community and fire department rally around him.

"I’m in the process right now of chemotherapy to try and whoop this thing," said Popejoy.

The diagnosis came as a shock for the 41-year-old.

"I went to the doctor, and they sent me in for a colonoscopy. Colonoscopy came in positive for cancer. So they sent me in for a CT scan after that and found the rest of the cancer that it spread to the colon and lungs and all the lymph nodes," Popejoy said.

He started chemotherapy this past Monday.  

"At this point I’m not able to work anymore once I started the chemotherapy. It’s gotten me too weak to come in and do my job. I have to take a lot of time off," Popejoy said. 

The Somervell County firefighter and Glen Rose EMT says he is drawing part of his strength from the support of his family, friends and firefighters who he considers to be like brothers.

An event on Saturday was organized by a Mansfield firefighter.

"There’s really no time for me to get down or whatever really to be sad about anything because I’ve got so many great people," Popejoy said. "There’s no time to be upset. You just have to keep fighting." 

Kaine's mother, Klare, says she is amazed by the support. 

"It’s overwhelming the kindness of the people in Texas and the firemen here are taking their time out of their busy schedules and giving my son all this time," she said. 


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Diann Smith is a health care executive and breast cancer survivor. Her daughter, Deetra Horne, began the same battle with breast cancer four years later. Her outcome, however, was not the same.

The cancer has metastasized to her son's liver and one lung.

The family has posted a GoFundMe to raise money for his medical expenses.

"First of all, I was numb for three days. I sat there and just looked into space. Second, I prayed to God. He would give me the strength to walk through this," Klare said. 

Popejoy's wife and two kids are asking for prayers and praying for a miracle.

"Never give up hope," Klare said. "I will never give up hope until there is no hope."