Injured Grapevine officer released from hospital

A Grapevine police officer seriously injured in a motorcycle crash still has a way to go before he's fully recovered, but was released from the hospital on Wednesday in time for Thanksgiving.

Officer R.J. Hudson suffered internal injuries, a shattered wrist and multiple broken bones on Oct. 19 when an SUV trying to avoid debris in the road swerved into his lane and into his police motorcycle.

The crash sent Hudson off the highway and down a concrete embankment. Doctors say he had injuries to spleen and kidney. Hudson said he had almost two dozen broken bones, includes his arms and left leg.

"I'm extremely thankful, thankful to the Lord to be alive, everything worked out in my favor can't say enough, got a lot to be thankful this Thanksgiving,” Hudson said.

Hudson underwent several surgeries and weeks of physical rehabilitation before being well enough to be released on Wednesday.

His determination inspired many to come and give him a heartwarming send off on Wednesday. Police from several departments, family and people from the community lined up outside Baylor Grapevine.

Doctors say Hudson will go through additional physical therapy at home and then another phase of rehab as an outpatient. The goal is to get back to work and eventually back on a motorcycle.