Houston, Dallas named one of the best metro areas for corporate retreats: study

With more people back in the office, team-building events are ideal for colleagues to get together as well as forge friendships, and a recent study named Dallas and Houston as some of the top places to do so. 

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Conducted by CoworkingCafe, the study looked at metrics such as the number of accommodations, team-building establishments like sports venues, parks, and restaurants, the number of airports serving the area, and more. 

Researchers also narrowed their findings into population brackets (small mid-sized and large) for various cities to discover the best U.S. metros for corporate retreats. Their work led them to name Dallas as the 3rd and Houston as the 5th best large metro area for team-building events.

The Space City also came in as the 3rd spot for stadiums, and indoor arenas with 17 such establishments, behind Dallas-Fort Worth and Phoenix. Houston also came in as 4th place for accommodating establishments as well as 6th for team-building establishments. 

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Dallas, of course, was recognized for having several accommodations including the AT&T Stadium, which is one of the most famous in the country, regularly hosting Cowboys games or well-known artists like Beyonce or Metallica. 

New York, meanwhile, took the overall title as the best large metro area for corporate retreats. 


To see the full study, and see how other cities ranked, click here.