Hometown Heroes: Peyton and Skylar Nichols

On March 21, twins Peyton and Skylar Nichols celebrated their seventh birthday. They asked their birthday party guests to bring new stuffed toys for the Celina Fire Department.

Forty stuffed animals had a new home at Fire Station No. 1. Eight of the plush toys have already been given to kids in crisis.

A Mobile Intensive Care Unit is a necessary place to be but it can also be scary for little ones. Peyton and Skylar wanted it to be less scary...and it is. 

The firefighters say they give a child the toy and it calms them down. While they do the medical work, they ask the child to give it a name. Holding the toy and naming it is great medicine and allows the EMT's to do their work.

Celina Asst. Fire Chief Shain Hunn contacted FOX4 about the twin's special delivery. He felt their act of service and compassion should be shared with North Texas. For their unselfish gift, Skylar and Peyton will get to ride to school in the fire engine.

If you'd like to donate stuffed toys to your fire department, please make sure they're brand new.