Fort Worth police looking for duo from apparent prank robbery

Fort Worth police are asking for the public's help finding two people who took part in an apparent prank robbery.

The department released video of the two suspects walking into a Family Dollar on Saturday, Feb. 25.

One of the men held what appears to be a steamer in the direction of the cashier and allegedly yelled, "Get down! This is a stick up!"

A second suspect stood behind him recording it on a GoPro with a smile on his face.

The first suspect starts talking to the people inside the store while smiling.

The pair then left in a black 2-door Toyota, drove to a Family Dollar on McCart Avenue and did it again, according to police.

Fort Worth PD shared video of one of the incidents with the caption, "A Prank Robbery - is still a Robbery!"


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The police are asking anyone with information on the suspects to call 817-392-4377.