Fort Worth honky-tonk Billy Bob's wrapped up in ugly lawsuit

A popular Fort Worth music venue is engulfed in an ugly lawsuit.

Billy Bob's Texas is known as the biggest honky-tonk is the world, but it is in danger of being put on the auction block in a quarrel between its majority and minority owners, which happens to be father vs. son.

Concho Minick's father, Billy, along with the majority owners of the venue want to fire Concho Minick, who has been managing the club. However, the company has a legal agreement that says all decision about Billy Bob's must be unanimous.

"Concho is really connected with the younger generation and country music," Bud Kennedy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said. "Younger generation has a different type of music, different band, but they also want that Americana kind of feeling."

Another aspect of the feud has to do with new shops opening up around the Stockyards. The majority owners support the new developments.

"This legal fight is not about the shops around the Stockyards but it started in that conflict between the families," Kennedy said. "They don't agree on that, and now they don't agree on how to run the club."

In a statement released to FOX 4 on Thursday, a venue spokesman said "We want to assure everyone that the legal dispute currently in the news will in no way interfere with the great Billy Bob's experience or the future stability of this proud Texas institution. This is a disagreement between longtime friends and partners, and will get straightened out soon."

A judge postponed a decision in the case until next Friday.