Fort Worth father rescues young daughters from bottom of pool

A father pulled his 5 and 6-year-old daughters from the bottom of a Fort Worth pool Tuesday afternoon.

According to Bearfoot, the company that employs the pool's lifeguards, the girls were playing a game of holding their breath underwater when they blacked out. The father noticed that they were under for too long and dove in to pull them out.

The lifeguards and a nearby nurse performed CPR on the girls. Three rounds of CPR were performed on one of the girls before she was revived.

"Fortunately for us, and for everybody involved, and for the father, there was a great turn out and that's why we're are here to tell the story," Fort Worth Police Officer Jimmy Pollozani said. "We want to stress the importance of knowing CPR, being cognizant where your kids are."

Police gave credit to both the father and the lifeguards for the rescue.

The father will not face any charges.