Family in hilarious BBC interview video speaks out

The family at the center of a funny viral video from a live TV interview last week says it’s changed their lives.

The BBC was interviewing political science professor Robert Kelly about the impeachment of South Korea’s president when first his oldest and then his youngest barged into his home office.

“I will be surprised if they do…. Pardon me. Pardon me,” Kelly said.

The live interview got even funnier when his wife tried to sneak into the room to get the kids out unnoticed.

The family circus was shared millions of times after being posted.

Professor Kelly said news outlets including the Wall Street Journal started calling as soon as the video went viral.

“Beginning Friday night they’ve been fairly relentless, soliciting on social media, by phone, by email. We turned off our phones for a while. We just put them in airplane mode. I've turned off Twitter alerts and Facebook alerts and I'm not even going near YouTube or Reddit or whatever these other sites are" he told WSJ.

"It happens all the time for us, but not like this interview thing. That is the first time it happened," his wife, Jung-a Kim said. "Most of the time he lock the door."

The professor’s wife said she was watching the interview on TV when she noticed the children in the background.