Fallen tree damages Fort Worth house during storm

A family of six is safe after a large oak tree fell directly onto their Fort Worth house on Sunday night during a storm.

"It just fell right onto the house," said Canaan Factor, the owner of the house. "We ran to the back of the house, ran out of the house and got into the car and went to an open area."

The family, with four small children, was fortunately by the front door when the crash happened, but they were in the upstairs playroom merely five minutes before the huge oak fell.

"We were upstairs we were just playing up there with some toys and then we just came back down because we wanted to watch the storm out that window over there," Factor said.

There are a few factors that likely played a part in the tree falling. The tree had recently been struck by lightning, a new circle was drive put in over the roots and the storm carried 60 miles-per-hour winds.

"We picked the right direction to run in because we were able to see which way it was falling and we were safe running the other way," Factor said.