Deal or Dud: Wayzn Auto Door Opener

If you've got some four-legged friends at home, you know it can be a constant battle of in-and-out when they want to play in the yard.

The makers of a new device say forget dog doors. Their product can put access for your pups on autopilot.

Brandie Sinor loves playing games with her dogs, Boomer and Bella. But she hates playing the constant game of up and down and opening and closing the door when they want to come in and out.

"Just during my workday, probably 10 times at least," she said.

On nice days, Sinor leaves the door open. But she'd like a solution for every day.

The makers of the Wayzn Auto Door Opener say they can help. Their motion-sensing device can detect when the dogs want out. A companion app lets them back in. Plus, they promise easy install.

To start, download the Wayzn App and measure the opening of your door. Then, install the best adjuster rod to extend the unit for a more custom fit.

The entire system can be held in place with the adhesive tape, which is included.

What’s not included is a four-inch piece of foam or plastic. The instructions suggest adding a piece to prevent the door from opening too far when the unit is disengaged.

We skipped that part.

Instead, after syncing the system and clearing the area inside and out, we programed the sensitivity of the device so it will only open for pets when we want.

For the rest of the family, the Wayzn system can easily be disengaged when the humans in the house want to use the whole door.

"It's called the Wayzn Auto Door Opener. What do you think: Deal or dud?" asked Steve Noviello.

"I think it's a deal!" Sinor said.

Wayzn can be used in a right or left-facing door. Once the pups are outside, you can press a button on the app to open the door via remote control.  The entire system can be shut off for security whenever you like.