Dallas police search for serial robbery suspects in East Dallas, Oak Cliff

Dallas police now believe a group of thieves have struck nine times since the end of November.

Cops said most of the crimes have been in the parts of Oak Cliff and East Dallas.

The motive in all nine robberies appears to be the same. The victims are outside their homes getting into or out of their vehicles when they are approached by several Hispanic males, ages 17-20, along with one possibly black male. Some of the victims are forced inside.

The suspects are striking at various times of day.

A 30-year-old mother was robbed in her Oak Cliff driveway of her purse and lunch as she headed to work about 6 a.m. On Dec. 4. Another woman was attacked a short distance away that same day at 6 p.m. Two men were confronted getting out of a car in East Dallas on Dec. 2.

“The Dallas Police Department wants to ensure our citizens that we're taking every step possible to bring these individuals to justice,” DPD Deputy Chief Thomas Castro said at a Monday news conference.

Police said there are two suspect vehicles — a black Cadillac four-door sedan and a gold pickup truck.

The neighbor of one victim says surveillance video shows both vehicles pulled up to the victim's home about the same time. Police said they may release still images from the video.

Dallas Police are investigating whether a crime caught on camera Sunday morning in Carrollton is the latest robbery committed by the armed robbers.

Police say Kimberly Struebig on South Summit Street in Red Oak was one of the first victims of the attacks dating back to November 30th. The single mom of three was pulling into her driveway after her first day waitressing last Monday when she says two men with a gun ran from a car parked nearby and opened her car door.

"'I have kids. Don't do this. Please don't shoot me.' And they just kept telling me, 'Shut up. Keep quiet. Shut up,’” she recalled.

Struebig says they got away with her wallet, purse, phone, TVs for her dad in a nursing home and her car. It was recovered by police and was found trashed with bullet holes. Police say her car was used in three of the eight robberies since.

Two men who were robbed after pulling into their home on Cabell Street in East Dallas say it took four hours for Dallas Police to respond.

In a statement to FOX 4, DPD stated in part "this call should have been updated and expedited but was not, due to human error."

Police in Carrolton say, just by the nature of the crime, the most recent robbery of a driver coming home from work on Blue Mesa Drive could be related.

Struebig believes these are the same robbers.

"They're going to hurt somebody,” she said. “They're going to find somebody that's going to put up a fight and they're going to end up hurting them."

DPD is also reaching out to surrounding cities to determine if other incidents may be connected.