Dallas County constable deputy reunites with girl he saved from hot car

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A Dallas County constable deputy who saved an infant girl's life six years ago reunited through a chance encounter.

In 2012, Bryan Woodard saved Jasmyne Gray's 2-month-old daughter from a hot car after mom accidentally locked the door with the keys inside the car. On Tuesday, they met again after spotting one another at Walmart.

Little Cailey is now old enough to say thank you. Jasmyne got a chance to do the same again. The hug was six years in the making.

“There's a little person that is still here because of me,” Woodard said.

Six years ago, FOX 4 interviewed Dallas County Constable Deputy Bryan Woodard after he rescued a 2-month-old baby from a locked car outside a grocery store in the heat of summer.

"Everyone was running around trying to figure out what to do,” he recalled. “And someone was like, ‘I think there's an officer inside the store. Let me run inside the store and see.’"

Gray was then a new mom who dropped her baby bag as she was getting her baby out of the car during a grocery trip. She says when she reached down to grab the bag, the door closed.

Woodard was working in the grocery store off duty. At the time, he was told that if Cailey had been in the car any longer, she wouldn't have made it. He was given a lifesaving award, and time passed until Tuesday when Gray spotted him at Walmart.

"And I was like, 'Do you know? Do you remember us?'” Gray said. “Because he could be anywhere, and I'll always remember his face."

Gray captured the encounter on Facebook live.

"I've felt love before,” Woodard said. “But I haven't felt love to a point from a child where you don't know what to say.”