Trackdown: Help find Dallas Card Show thieves who stole $2 million in rare baseball cards

In this week's Trackdown, Allen police and the FBI are working to find the people who stole $2 million worth of vintage baseball cards on Sunday.

The cards stolen from the Dallas Card Show include rare Jackie Robinson and Mickey Mantle cards.

The owner is offering $70,000 reward for information that helps bring the cards back.

Video from the convention center shows three suspects distracting a vendor by showing them something on their phones.

A fourth suspect who was acting like they were working at the event, moving chairs and stacking tables, then grabbed a case of cards and took off.

"When he sees the perfect opportunity, everybody's distracted, he's messing with a chair, he sees the opportunity, grabs the cards and quickly exits the building," said Cambiano.

Trading cards have become a big business in recent years.

"When COVID hit, a lot of people pulled money out of investments and stuck it into the card market, so we saw a boom in the card market in 2020," said Det. Cambiano.

The detective says this theft hit close to home.

"I also am involved in the card community outside of work, so it affects me at work. I want to solve this crime and find who did this. I also have a lot of friends who are vendors in there, so it affects me in the community that I participate in outside of work and as well as my job," Cambiano said.

The Dallas FBI is assisting Allen Police with the investigation because it is considered a federal crime.

Detective Cambiano is asking for anyone with information to reach out and for anyone with video of the event to share it with Allen police on the off-chance they caught a glimpse of one of the suspects.

You can email Detective Cambiano at