Bounty hunters didn't tell Greenville PD about their plans

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FOX4 has learned the bounty hunters involved in a deadly shooting Tuesday never told Greenville police about what was about to happen, which is against typical protocol.

Police now say they didn't learn exactly what happened until well after the shooting stopped at the car dealership Tuesday evening and the investigation began. Three people were killed -- the two bounty hunters and the suspect they were trying to arrest. 

Police said the case is closed, but what was captured or amateur video is still raising questions among many in law enforcement.

The attempted arrest of a fugitive felon went bad in a matter of seconds inside Nissan of Greenville, with 20 shots fired in 6 seconds.

"We're very lucky, that nobody else got shot or killed,” said lawyer and commissioned peace officer Pete Schulte. Watching the video, he is disturbed how it all went down.

"Nobody with law enforcement training or who's been a police officer is going to go into a situation like this, in an enclosed space with two civilians standing by that could get injured. It just wouldn't have happened,” Schulte said.

Schulte believes bounty hunters Fidel Garcia and Gabriel Bernal of Corpus Christi failed to follow basic law enforcement protocols designed to protect civilians and themselves.

"That's the problem with some bounty hunters out there, because they are not law enforcement trained,” Schulte. 

In this case, Hutchinson skipped out on a $50,000 bond and Garcia and Bernal stood to collect $5,000 for his capture.

"They didn't call the cops because I believe that if they cops had gotten involved they would have made the arrest and these two individuals wouldn't have gotten paid their bounty for getting the fugitive,” Schulte said.

Autopsies in the case are done, but officials are still waiting on a ballistics report to be released.