Baby Boom: Waxahachie firefighters welcome 15 babies

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The Waxahachie Fire-Rescue Department is having a baby boom this year.

The fire department shared pictures of its brave firefighters who are the proud fathers of 15 babies.

“Don't drink the water at the Waxahachie Fire Department. In a little over a year we have had 15 babies born (2 not pictured),” the department posted on Facebook.

In total, there are seven baby boys and eight baby girls. The youngest is just 6 weeks old and the oldest is 18 months old.

The mothers are now planning a future photoshoot with all the babies together.

“We have lots of children in our fire department. This is just the biggest boom we’ve had. But a baby calendar with our daddies has been brought up. So that’s possibly in our future,” said Tonya Wilemon, one of the new moms.

Of the 51 people working at the department, 14 have babies. One firefighter has twins!