Autism service dog soothes owner during panic attack: ‘He’s my hero’

A service trained to detect panic attacks came to his owners rescue in a very emotional and personal video.

Hayley Martin battles panic attacks, which can lead to crying, hitting herself, and shortness of breath. Thankfully, her service dog named Marley is trained to detect when she’s under distress.

In a video shared by Hayley to a Facebook Group called Dogspotting Society, she shared a very personal moment of when Marley come to her aid.

As Hayley begins to show signs of a panic attack, Marley instinctively and carefully jumps on her. He attempts to get her arms away from her face by placing a leg in between her arm and body so Hayley does not hurt herself.

The very good dog does not stop until she listens and hugs him.

In her caption, she says this is just one of the many things Marley does to help change her life everyday.

Indeed, dogs are unsung heroes who provide so much support and unconditional love in various ways.