Animal shelter finding success with better profile pics for dogs

She told FOX 10, "I think it's meaningful because you take a dog that is otherwise just sitting in a cage. There's hundreds of other dogs that look just like it. Hundreds of people are walking by, not noticing the dog, and you take them in here, dress them up, get to know their personality and suddenly people pay attention."

The photos are a great way for future owners to quickly identify with a dog and see whether it is what they are looking for. In fact, it’s really not that different from pictures we post on job and dating sites. 

"There have been many instances where a dog has sat in our kennels for weeks, and Heather gets a good shot and the very next day, once those pictures are posted on Facebook, the dog is adopted and it's the person that says those photos got me here," said Melissa Gable of the MACC.



Even Sheldon was adopted shortly after a photo session with Heather. He became known as “Grumpy Dog” on the internet and was quickly adopted. 

So if you feel like your social life has fallen off, you can’t get a date, and nobody’s hiring -- take a cue from these dogs, and separate yourself from the pack. Watch the video to see the adorable photoshoots that land these dogs forever homes.