$10K reward for info on gunman who shot Parker County deputy

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The Parker County Sheriff’s Office is offering a $10,000 reward to help find the gunman who shot a deputy while investigating a criminal trespass call.

Sheriff Larry Fowler says Deputy Jarrett Turner was approaching an illegal deer blind on private property Monday afternoon when he was shot in the foot. The gunman took off as the deputy crawled back to his cruiser to call for help.

The ATF brought search dogs and game wardens turned out to help with the manhunt for the shooter who was perched in a deer blind and wounded the deputy.

The sheriff says a bullet went through Turner’s foot. He’s recovering at home.

There is video from the deputy’s body camera that is not being released. The sheriff says he can tell from it that the rifle had a silencer.

“We can hear it on the body camera,” Fowler said. “It definitely has a suppressor on it.”

The criminal trespass call came as the sun was going down. Someone was suspected of hunting deer illegally on private land. The sheriff says the property owner was out there using flashlights. The deputy went with another man who’d seen the deer blind.

“It’s was an ambush. That’s the best you can say about it,” the sheriff said. “He didn’t want to be caught. He didn’t want to be found. He began to see that they were almost on top of him, and that’s what he chose to do.”

Deputy Turner is 27 years old. He’s been with the department for two years.

“That’s what bothers me what could have happened and what did happen but how much worse it could have been,” Fowler said. “And all for what? A deer? Get out of here.”