Something Interesting as Summer is set to Start!

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Springing into Summer, with all eyes on the Gulf for "Cindy"...

Just your average "hot" day today. A few clouds this AM and still surprisingly muggy BUT we should dry out this afternoon as lower humidity air mixes down. Highs still in the mid-90s with an air pollution watch.

Summer starts tomorrow, with a slightly stronger afternoon breeze and highs again close to mid-90s...higher west, lower east.

What should be Tropical Storm CINDY will impact the eastern Texas Gulf Coast...and move toward east Texas Thursday-Thu. night and exit Fri. AM. While impacts from the Metroplex west should be minimal, showers could easily clip eastern counties Thursday. Some heavier rain could be from Palestine to Tyler.

The remnants pull away Friday PM, and we heat into the mid-90s to end the week....then we watch for a strong weekend cold front! At this time, it still appears to be Saturday night. There will be at least some showers and storms as it moves through, with highs dipping into the 80s Sunday and staying there Monday!