Taco Charlton to play with Miami Dolphins in Sunday’s game

The Dallas Cowboys will see a former teammate on the other sideline Sunday in Arlington.

The Miami Dolphins picked up defensive end Taco Charlton the day after Dallas let him go.

Charlton turned out to be a huge disappointment for the Cowboys, never showing the desire and worth ethic that matched his talent.

“I know Taco was close to a lot of guys here. I don’t think guys got caught up in what transpired here the last couple days. The business takes on different things. I wasn’t here last year for some of that. But he had a good camp. He’s obviously a talented player and I wish him nothing but the best,” said Jason Witten, the Cowboys’ tight end.

The winless Dolphins will put another wrinkle into the game. They will start backup quarterback Josh Rosen in place of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Rosen will be the 21st quarterback to start for the Dolphins since Dan Marino retired in 2000. Only Cleveland (29) and Chicago (23) have had more quarterbacks start a game for them during that span.

Sunday’s starts at noon on FOX 4. Coverage begins with FOX NFL Kickoff at 10 a.m. It ends with FOX 4’s Free 4 All at 10 p.m.