Women's group wants R-Kelly concert in Dallas canceled

An African American women's group doesn’t want an R-Kelly concert to take place this Friday in Dallas.

The women say the popular artist has been accused of the same sexual misconduct as others in the entertainment industry, like Kevin Spacey and director Harvey Weinstein, and he shouldn’t be allowed to perform at the Fair Park Music Hall.

R-Kelly has enjoyed tremendous success on both R&B and pop music charts, but he has also made headlines for legal woes denying allegations of sex with minors and sex assaults.

The Black Women's Defense League says if the concert goes on, it plans to protest outside the venue.

“These conversations that people are having about Harvey Weinstein, other folks… he needs to be a part of those conversations,” Neicee X said.

Kelly most recently was accused of luring women into cult-like sexual relationships.

For years, dating back to 1994, Kelly's been plagued with allegations of sex with underage girls. Most notably, a 2002 child pornography indictment after a video surfaced reportedly showing the singer in sex acts with a minor. He was acquitted of all charges and has steadfastly denied all allegations against him.

Numerous lawsuits brought against the singer have been settled out of court and he has never been found guilty of any sexual misconduct allegation.

“We've tolerated him because of his talent and that’s a dangerous combination because it sends a signal,” said Hamilton Park United Methodist Church Pastor Sheron Patterson. “It’s time for men to be held accountable for all these horrendous acts against women whatever color they are whether they can sing or not.”

Neicee X said their protest is trying to get a message across.

“We're just wanting to let people know that we still are not okay with it, we're still not okay with our children being preyed upon, we're not okay with the things that he's done in the past,” Neicee X said.

Management at the Music Hall stressed the event is not their show -- a Houston based promoter booked the venue as in times past.