Wise County authorities searching for mystery woman pleading for help

4/12 UPDATE: Authorities say the 'mystery woman' has been identified and is safe.


Police in Wise County want to find a woman heard on surveillance video pleading for help.

A few cameras caught the woman earlier this week as she walked through a neighborhood and then through a wooded area. The sheriff's office wants to find her to make sure she is okay.

It's a mystery the Wise County Sheriff's Office is hoping to solve. They need help identifying the person who appeared to be and sounded as if she's in distress.

The voice and images of the woman walking through a wooded area near a Wise County community were recorded on Tuesday, April 9. You see her walking with what appears to be a backpack.

The woman approached a home on a large lot in Indian Trails secluded community off Highway 380 between Decatur and Bridgeport.

The woman talked to a security system and says, “I’m really scared. Could you please open your gate? Please?” She then walks away into a wood area.

Sheriff Lane Akin says his deputies have scoured the area but haven’t found anyone.

It was first believed the person was a young girl. But they've talked to at least one eyewitness who says they saw a person fitting the description walking in the neighborhood that day who appeared older.

"Our deputies have been able to find another person who saw someone of a matching description at about that same time on about that same day. This eyewitness said the person was closer to 25,” the sheriff said. “The thing that concerns us more than anything is the urgency in the voice. Her saying that she's frightened and then the quick pace."

From the video, the woman appears to have dark shoulder length hair and be very thin.

Sheriff Akin says there are no reports of missing persons or runaways in the surrounding area.

Anyone who may recognize the woman is asked to call the Wise County Sheriff’s Office at (940)627-5971.